Yunlong Wood Industry Co., Ltd. which was established in 2003 located in FuSong City,China, the  hinterland of Changbai Mountain with unique and rich forest resources. It also has an automatic production line for timber products making, which includes log processing, sheet drying,painting and so on. we focus on the high-quality timber products by introducing advanced production equipment and technology. Songjianghe Yunlong Wood Industry Co., Ltd, as the group headquarter,has the occupying area of 28,000㎡and possesses more than 1,100 employees, with annual production capacity of 100 thousand cubic metres.The scale and strength have been in a leading level home and abroad.

To meet the needs of the development, Dalian Yunlong Wood Industry Co., Ltd was established in 2009 in Dalian city, which is the biggest port in the northeast of China.We focus on assembling modern complete Basswood Window Shutters and Venetian Blinds. Relying on advantages of convenient transportation, Dalian Yunlong Wood Industry  Co., Ltd is considered as the window of Yunlong Group.

Yunlong USA Window Fashions, Inc. as a sales center in the United States, was established in October 2008. Its major function includes marketing, brand development, and customer service.                          


Yunlong Wood Industry Co., Ltd, who is outstanding in the fierce competition,will more forcus on quality improvement, client service improvement,products range and social responsibility, and will be a company of clients trusted , job satisfaction, favorable comments and full of enthusiasm and vitality.



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605 S. Milliken Avenue, Unit B, Ontario, CA91761
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